Beef is one of the most sought after farm to table products. With good reason. Humanely raised is the biggest reason local beef is purchased over store bought. Our prices save you money compared with store prices as well. Consumers are also looking for hormone and antibiotic free beef. Add to that our meat quality, customer service, taste, and support for local farmers.



We have deep respect for animals that provide us nourishment. They deserve our compassionate, dedicated care. You can buy with confidence knowing these animals are humanely raised.


Our cows are not fed beef pellets or feed stuffs that increase growth rate. They are fed grass, hay, and corn; all of which have been grown here on the farm.



Our LUCKY cows are never given any growth hormones and antibiotic free.


Beef is now available from our farm to your freezer.  We have 2-3 steers going in monthly. 

2022 Beef Reservation dates:

Jan 17th, pick up Jan 28/29 SOLD OUT

Feb 14, pick up Feb 25/26 SOLD OUT

March 22, pick up April 1/2 SOLD OUT

April 25th, pick up May 6/7 SOLD OUT

May 23rd, pick up June 10/11 SOLD OUT

June 27th, pick up July 8/9 SOLD OUT

July 25th, pick up August 5/6 SOLD OUT

Aug 29th, pick up Sept 9/10 SOLD OUT

Sept 26th, pick up Oct 7/8 SOLD OUT

Oct 24th, pick up Nov 4/5

Dec 5th, pick up Dec 16/17

Our beef is born and raised here on the farm. They are fed mostly grass with corn silage daily. So you get the nutrition of grass fed with the flavor of grain fed. No antibiotics and no growth rate enhancers fed. Raised with respect and care. Price is $2.50/ pound for meat cost. Offering 5% discount for cash payment) hanging weight plus butcher processing cost at $1.00/lb (or $0.95/lb for a half or whole beef) done at Petty Bros in Annandale, MN. Meat will be a good mix of steaks, roasts and ground hamburger.


Split a quarter: we'll find someone to split a quarter with you. You'll get approximately 60-70 pounds of meat and cost is approximately $320-$340 (meat cost and processing total). Perfect for couples, trying out farm direct beef, or small freezer space. Standard cut only, no customizations. You'll get all cuts possible. Steaks (1 inch thick- TBone, sirloin, ribeye, round), roasts (3 pound packages- rump, chuck, arm), short ribs, brisket, and ground beef (ground in 1 pound packages). Approx 1/3 is steaks 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 ground hamburger. 

Quarter: An average quarter yields about 120-150 pounds and the average cost is around $680-$780 (meat cost and processing total). You request how you want your quarter cut with custom processing instructions. Perfect for small-medium families. You'll need 4-5 cu ft of freezer space. A small chest freezer will do.

Half: Slight discount in processing applies to halves. Approximate yield is 240-300 pounds of meat and costs approximately $1360-$1560 (meat cost and processing total). You request how you want the half cut and have additional options with a half beef. Perfect for large families, or splitting/gifting meat. You'll need 8-10 cu ft of freezer space. A medium chest freezer will do.

We're happy to talk to and answer questions from those that are new to getting farm direct beef as well.

Email: matterfarm@gmail.com
Call/text: 763-300-6799


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